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New Guard America Logo Description

The NGA Logo has several elements to it. The following is a brief description of what each one symbolizes:

  • Oak Leaf Branch - Pursuit of knowledge, excellence.

  • Ring - That the pursuit is never ending.

  • Star over the Eagle's head - Representative of Christ, our Lord and Saviour, who is The Drill Master who watches over, and guides us.

  • The Cross - The outward symbol of our corporate dedcation of our drill to Christ.

  • Eagle - Our National Bird with the head turned toward its left, closest to our heart as we were to wear the emblem, to signify our love for our art.

  • M1903-A3 crossed rifles with fixed bayonets - Representative of the weapons we use.

  • Shield over the Weapons - Guardianship; we being the guardians of our art.

  • 13 stripes - Representative of our National Flag that commemorate the original 13 colonies.

  • Our two part Motto -

    • From God, Our Talents

    • Dilectio Artis Nostrae Aeterna (The Love for Our Art, Eternal)

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