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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

New Guard America is looking for talented drillers, but there are a few things you should know before contacting us.

The mottos of NGA are:

  • From God, Our Talents

  • DILECTIO ARTIS NOSTRAE AETERNA (The Love For Our Art, Eternal)

The second part of our motto is very important to know for the following reasons:

  • Joining NGA is serious business because we are very passionate about our drill. We do it strictly for the love of the art; there is no pay or benefits, and we do this at our own risk. It is also required that all active members maintain an updated passport to ensure availability for upcoming international performances.

  • If you would like to join the team, you will need to demonstrate your ability in a performance at the World Drill Championships held at The Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL. You will need to be a high school graduate in order to compete. If you have not graduated yet, you will need to wait until then. In the meantime, practice and increase your skills to the best of your ability. Once you have completed this task, you may enter into the NGA DMC (New Guard America Drill Mercenary Corps), if you like; you do not have to relocate to Washington, DC if you become a member of the NGA DMC. While in the DMC, you will have access to our training videos to train with at home. Once you have become proficient with our drills, you will then be able to be placed in rotation for one of our upcoming performances.

These are serious requirements that not very many people can handle. We only want members for whom XD is their #1 passion.

If this sounds like something you still want to be a part of and you are a high school graduate or wish to join upon graduation, and have a deep passion and talent for drill, I want to hear from you.

E-Mail us with a short paragraph about yourself:

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