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To the faithful practitioners of our art, It is with full hearts, and strong spirits, that we announce a change to the status of New Guard America. At the time of this writing, our performance team is transitioning into an indefinite hiatus. May 17th 2017 was the day we had to say goodbye to our Commander. Living the Dream was Constantine's message to the world and was his final thesis that put our performance team at the forefront of his organization. From God our Talents, and The Love For Our Art, Eternal.


Since his passing, we held and maintained the gold standard of Military Rifle Exhibition Drill for two decades under his command. Keeping the Dream has been our mission since then, and keep it we did. The lessons handed down from our fearless leader echoed in our hearts and in our minds. We held strong, captured multiple consecutive world titles, and continued to fascinate audiences all around the Country. With each saga that passed, new challenges and victories painted a legacy that will live on forever. These include chapters and stories of patriotism, attrition, triumph, and most importantly discovery and innovation. New Guard America has forever changed the face of this sport as we know it.


New Guards Riflemen, along with the rest of the world, now wield an indestructible tool for the sport that comes in every color within the spectrum. These were curated so uniquely, that the process, and the product, have become a staple in our community that will outlive any generation of performance team. Since Constantine's absence, his second in command Abraham, maintained the most important component of this teams legacy and his brother's life's work. He was entrusted to Safeguard the process, and formula, to the New Guard America High Impact Multi-colored Stocks. Abraham was instructed to show and teach his sons' the methods of production once they were of age. Constantine's sons are the heirs to the organization, and it is within their birthright to carry on his legacy.


Almost four years have passed since, and Xylan and Nathaniel are now young men. In fact, Nathaniel will be joining the Army this summer and serving as a Combat Medic in the active military component. Xylan will be attending the Virginia Military Institute in the Fall. On March 22-23, Xylan will officially be handed the torch that his father carried with pride, and will effectively step in to carry on his father's legacy. The end of a saga, and a new chapter begins: NGA Forever Until Xylan is ready to command his team of Riflemen, the current and past members of this team will indefinitely go into remission. Not a retirement, but in fact a re-birth.


The current arsenal is to be sold off to New Guard members past and present, safeguarding its arsenal until called upon. Xylan has a weapon of his own, and will also be passed down his father's weapon, affectionately named “Grandpa”. These two weapons will be the kindling to the fire that is the future of this team.


Constantine Hange Wilson, Distinguished Master Soloist, 7th Level Honors, lays buried in Midland Cemetery next to his mother that passed shortly before him. A man whose life work will resonate with a community for ages, still does not have a headstone. The team will be holding an official promotion ceremony for our founder to not only celebrate his son's acceptance of the challenge, but to properly dedicate his burial ground in the same way that he would award his champions, with a beautifully crafted stone. The time and date of this ceremony will be announced shortly.


The New Guard Forever Fund Raiser will consist of the original New Guard Patches, Constantine's personally composed New Guard CD's, and DVD's of arguably, the most dynamic international performance team in the team's history. These items will raise approximately $4500 dollars. This will cover the cost of the commemoration for Constantine, as well as his mother. Additionally, these items will serve as tokens that allow the community today, to not only tell the story, but also ensure that our generation, and that of our posterity remember the history of New Guard America.



we will always be NGA Forever.

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