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Living the Dream

An American Story

It has always been my contention that being born in the United States is like winning the jackpot lottery without even having to buy a ticket; a natural born citizen of the freest, most powerful, prosperous, and influential nation in all of human history.

America: the penultimate destination for every free spirit around the world for generations;

a global hub for the tired and poor,

the huddled masses yearning to breath free,

the homeless, and tempest-tossed.

Yes, America is still calling, “send them to me!”

The promise of America, for all who pledge their allegiance to her flag; with diligent study, hard work, and fierce determination, can do and be anything they want; and our individual greatness is measured in direct proportion to how many we serve.

America: Where prosperity awaits just beyond our golden gates, at every street corner; knocking on every door; and opportunities of a lifetime, are daily occurrences.

Yes, this is our America: where our Lady Liberty still holds the lamp besides the golden door; its glowing world wide welcome to those seeking a better life, who dare to step in boldness to follow their dreams; for action is the only bridge between our dreams and reality; and by the grace of God, through faith, our realities stand before us when we are willing to stand firm against the voices who say we can’t.

We are an intimate part of this, our, America; and this is our story, this is our American dream.

Constantine H. Wilson

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