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There are currently 13 World Records recorded by Guinness in the category of Rifle Exhibition Drill. New Guard America holds them all.

The following pages document the records and the events as they happened.

Please note that ALL records must follow certain criteria in order to be certified:


  • only a weapon with a fixed bayonet measuring 9.25" minimum can be used.

  • both weapon and bayonet must be:

    • 52" in length, minimum

    • 9.25 lbs. in weight, minimum

  • Drillers performing the record attempts must be:

    • wearing all cotton gloves with no beading or gripping agents (such as silcone).

    • executing all weapon movements within a boundary of 36"x36", except where noted.


    • The exception to this rule is where the attempt forbids anymovement of the feet after the atttempt has begun.

The records performed on this site were executed by drillers with years of experience and expert training.


Do not attempt these drills without competant supervision. Serious injury can occur.

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