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NGA Replica Weapon

The NGA 1903R Barrel/Receiver is an exact duplicate of the original M1903 Rifle in every detail; all necessary surplus parts from the original M1903/A3 (Springfield, Remington, or Smith Corona models) will fit on the NGA 1903R, including a fully functioning trigger assembly, exactly; yet manufactured from casting as a non-weapon. No FFL required. The NGA 1903R has met all ATF legal definitions as a NON-weapon.

This is NOT a demilitarized product that has gone through various forms of destruction. It is a precisely manufactured hardened steel product that has met exacting standards set by CHW specifically designed to handle the demands of the professional drill community.

The NGA 1903R is another exemplary product for the die hard driller as only New Guard America can deliver.

And yes, the NGA 1903R fit perfectly in the NGA High Impact Drill Stocks!

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